Chichibu Shibazakura flowers bring beauty to visitors this spring

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This week we visited Hitsuji Yama Park in Saitama’s town of Chichibu.  Chichibu is world famous for their annual Shibazakura flowers which when planted by local townspeople across a small valley create an amazing site to see.

Town sign for Chichibu Shibazakura

Shibazakura create a blanket of color that is breath-taking to witness.



Surrounding walking trails, sakura trees, a lake and picnicking areas make Hitsujiyama park a certain destination for families, singles, friends and lovers.


We were excited to see so many younger people visiting Hitsujiyama, taking photos, sharing food and drinks and enjoying the beautiful sakura in full bloom.




Special events will happen at the park throughout the spring and summer. A small arcade has been set up featuring food, drinks (tea and alcohol) and farm fresh products from local shops and farms. The local shops present great fare at very reasonable prices. No price gouging going on here.

There are also some very cute sheep on exhibition, always a visitor favorite.



Kids love em and also an agricultural exhibit which features the small trees, Morus, or commonly known as Mulberries provide food for (蚕 )  silk worms. I never knew that (蚕 )  silk worms are entirely dependent upon humans for food, habitat and pro-creation.


Silk worms, or (蚕 )  in Japanese are featured since Chichibu has a long history, going back hundreds of years as a textile hub for some of the finest textiles in Japan.


Chichibu offers an excellent website to guide visitors through the area. For ease and convenience of use the site is available in Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean. Click here to visit.


The park address: Hitsujiyama kouen, Hitsujiyama park


Chichibu, Saitama, Japan