Delicious and Juicy and Sweet, these are Amaou strawberries from Hakata City

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Japan is a bountiful land of fresh fruit and vegetables

Ever want to taste a bit of heaven on earth? If you come to Japan in springtime it pays to find and taste Amaou strawberries.  I remember strawberries tasting like this when I was a child in the states.  And not since then. In the summers we would go to farms in the rural areas around my hometown where farmers allow you to pick fruit and vegetables from their fields.  This is something you can also do in Japan today.

Another beautiful place, not too far from Tokyo is in Saitama prefecture. Chichibu is known for it’s easy access to nature, for wonderful monthly festivals and for the amazing fruits and vegetables grown in the area. My wife’s parents farm a small mountain top and prepare some of the most delicious meals you can imagine from their hard labor. Here is an excellent source for finding a farm that suits your needs.  You can expect much joy and happiness and a full tummy after your very own harvest is complete.


Amaou strawberries, fresh from Fukuoka prefecture
Amaou strawberries, fresh from Fukuoka prefecture

However, these special strawberries came to our local market and when my wife saw them her eyes lit up like a child on Christmas morning. We bought a package of fresh Amaou from Hakata City and on the way home tried to decide how we would have them. Greed won in the end and we simply devoured them fresh at the following morning’s breakfast.

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