In this pond, the koi are feeling the love with splendid colors

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We were visiting Irumashi the other day. Their is a cool section called Johnson town, the subject of another post coming up in the next few days. Across from Johnson town are schools and a massive park network with places for picnicking, walking, jogging, biking, cosplay shoots, (another post coming) and at least two lakes.

Its a vibrant and great place for the whole family and for…this pond of koi. These fish are HUGE.




In this pond, the koi are feeling the love with splendid colors. Iruma has a beautiful pond and a larger lake. Koi are in abundance in this pond, a koi pond I guess. Their colors are beautiful and they are very friendly.




In this pond, the koi are feeling the love with splendid colors. I’m convinced there is a special magic at work in this park. We did not retouch or re-color the photos in any way. We re-sized them and added our website’s watermark and that was it. I wasn’t sure if I would post them beforehand. It was a cloudy day, the pond was murky and the fish were looking…a little bland. Probably feeling the rain and the chill of the weather.

I guess something happened somewhere because the koi you see above truly represent the life force they gave off to our group. They were very active, jumping around almost, and I guess they just wanted to show their true colors. Remarkable.

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Everyone Loves the Ikebukuro Park Neko

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IMG_2893Everyone loves cats. Well, at least cooooooooooool people love cats. 😉 We found this little girl feeding a huge family of Neko and their friends in a small park in Ikebukuro. Actually, it is a park with a dark history. But now it is a cat loving hang out and a place for local Japanese people and tourists to come and visit and play with these way cool cats.
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