Sale! Eki-cho san (Conductor Whiskers)
Eki-cho san (Conductor Whiskers)
Eki-cho-san is a station master kitty. In English he is called Conductor Whiskers. Eki is the Japanese word for train station. This product is new, unopened and comes direct from a Gashapon event held at Eki Ikebukuro in February. Price includes FREE shipping to designated countries.
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Sale! Maromayu,neko-atsume,mini-key chain
Maromayu-san (Kathmandu, Non-Japanese name)
Neko Atsume character Maromayu-san sits with Cream-san, Peaches in English, at a koi pond and makes very short haiku. New, unopened, in original packaging. Maromayu-san is part of a collection of 5. Collect them all! PRICE INCLUDES FREE SHIPPING
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